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We use the amazing 3D dental x-rays for our patient and commented about it here:

Get your tooth knocked out? Immediately put it in milk and hold it in your mouth. This will help the tooth survive longer. Then call us right away!

Do you like munching on pickles? They could be causing acid erosion in your teeth:

Did you know that the most common disease in the world is actually tooth decay, followed closely by the common cold. Remember: One is unavoidable, while the other is not! Brush and floss only the teeth you don't want tooth decay.

Dental checkups are STILL necessary, even for the most diligent flossers in the world!  As a professional dentist, I take good by brushing and flossing after meals.  I also have my own dentist who I see as well.  Dental checkups are important for everyone.

Did you know that you can prevent cavities just by never letting your baby fall asleep with a bottle of milk?  Nursing bottle baby decay prevented by giving water instead of milk. 

Did you know that while teeth stains aren't harmful on their own, they are a sign of plaque which can lead to gum disease or tooth decay.  Ask us how we can keep your pearly whites shining bright.

The science of dental implants has improved greatly.  We now can control where exactly where an implant is placed by computer digital scans.

Click on the link to see my post on a dental lab forum:

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