Care For Keiki (Children) Teeth

Our understanding of keiki's (children's) teeth has dramatically improved year after year.  We now know that primary, or the baby teeth, are all too important for the health of the adult permanent teeth.

Keiki's Teeth
Children's teeth begin forming in utero, or in the womb.  My daughter, Meagan is 8 months old has I write this.  Her baby lower front central incisor erupted at 6 mos.  At 8 mos., she has four cute baby centrals.  By the time she is 3 yrs. old, she should have all her 20 baby teeth in place.     

I tell all my new mothers that once the baby teeth erupts, you need to clean them.  Place your child in your lap and gentle wipe the teeth with a wash cloth.  Do not brush the teeth with toothpaste until the child can spit out.   When you do use toothpaste, use only a small pea-size amount.

The first permanent tooth to come in is the 6th yr. 1st molar.
Adult Teeth
Nursing bottle syndrome happens when you leave the milk bottle in baby's mouth when she sleeps.  The milk stays on the teeth causing harmful decay.  If you must give a bottle before bed-time, make it a bottle of water.