What is CEREC®? CEREC® is an acronym...

Chairside: The technology is in the dental operatory and used while you are in the chair
Economical: The procedure is economical for both dentist and patient
Restorations: The procedure restores your tooth to its natural beauty, function, and strength
of Esthetic: The restorations are metal-free and tooth-colored
Ceramic: High-strength ceramics are used that are close in composition to your natural tooth structure.

...for an advanced dental restorative system that allows your dentist to restore decayed teeth, place crowns, remove defective amalgam fillings, or place cosmetic veneers in just one appointment. This allows you to have the highest quality, most lifelike dental restorations in just one visit to the dentist...in, out, and on with your busy life. The state of the art CEREC® system was developed in 1985 at the University of Zurich in Switzerland by a dentist, Dr. Werner H. Moermann, and an electrical engineer, Dr. Markus Brandistini. Today, CEREC® 3 with CEREC® 3D software is still the world's only chair side dental CAD/CAM restorative system. At the heart of the system is the innovative technology.

CEREC bridge done by Lawton Wong

Dental Technology of the Future...Today!

  Beautiful teeth with CEREC  

  • One Visit
  • No Impressions
  • No Temporaries

  • Metal-free
  • Highly aesthetic
  • Long Lasting

Amalgam Filling
Ceramic Filling

Modern CAD/CAM technology makes it possible

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Before CEREC After CEREC


Example CEREC Crown Additional Photo