Kind words from our patients.

Thank very much for taking care of my tooth. You did it in one day and I get my smile. I have my smile again. My and I have been going to you for many years and we appreciate your help.
Thank you very very much Dr. Wong!
I appreciate the denture Dr. Lawton Wong made for me years ago. I am very satisfied.

It look great, feels great and I have no problem eating. People say my teeth look natural. I do know people think they are my teeth, but I feel my denture do appear to look like regular teeth. Also, they are very comfortable.

I love your work Dr. Lawton. Thank you
I really love my denture and now I can smile again. I was shame for smile for over 30 years!

I was always self-conscience about my smile until I got Dr. Wong made me a nice denture. Dr. Wong gave me back the confidence to smile. Plus, now I can eat steak again. Before, I was afraid to eat anything hard because I
was afraid my denture would crack.

It looks natural, no one knows I have dentures. My friend compliments me on my beautiful smile. When we go out to eat, I can eat anything. My friends would be surprised these are dentures.  I highly recommend all my friends to see Dr. Lawton Wong. Dr. Wong took good care of me and my smile. He can do the same for you.
Dr. Wong has been my dentist since my childhood. He really knows how to relate to his patients, explaining procedures and all the options with their pros and cons. He takes as much time as needed to make me feel comfortable and doesn't scrimp on the anesthesia when needed (unlike another experience I had while off island!) The front desk is equally helpful, looking up all kinds of insurance information so you know in advance what things are going to cost you. The office is conveniently located and has a very home-style, comfortable feel. I would (and do!) recommend Dr. Wong to my friends.
Patient Testimonial
Dr. Lawton Wong is a dentist who continually improves his knowledge and keeps his practice equipment constantly upgraded for the fastest, most comfortable procedures as possible. I have known him and recommended him for more than 15 yrs.
Patient Testimonial